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I've rescued Goldens since my first dog in the late 80's. They're such wonderful dogs. Who in GRRA would argue? The last two came from GRR chapters, one from TN Valley and one in Nashville. When my beloved Clifford (yes, he was a big red dog!) passed away last year at the age of 12, I felt the loss very heavily. He was special, and I just wasn't ready for another dog. Around the holidays, I was finally ready and began to search rescue sites for possible matches. I knew my calling from now on is to look for the hard to place seniors. I saw Truman's picture. He is so gorgeous! Reading his profile, I thought guy will be a good fit. I reached out to inquire and start the adoption process. There was an adoption event that Truman was attending so I made sure to visit. He was a popular attendee and plenty of potential new parents wanted to spend time with him. Truman is calm, cool and collected and never minded the crowds or everyone wanting to pet him. I made up my mind, Truman was the dog for me.

VOM GRRA goes through a meet and greet, and Truman's foster mom wanted to make sure Truman was going to be comfortable. I sang the praises of my situation, stating all the advantages for an older dog, one story home, no stairs to get outside, quiet environment, experienced owner, etc. It seems there was no need for all that because Truman was at home after just a few minutes. My rescue cat, Harry, took to him right away! Yes, it's Harry & Truman. :) The process took over 2 months from the moment I saw Truman's picture until he was placed. There are some steps, and I think this helps to make good placements for both the dogs and owners.

VOM We're getting along fabulously. Truman loves the neighborhood dog park and loves to play with the mostly younger dogs. He can't keep up a race for long but he's smiling and wagging his tail the entire visit. He greets every person, dog and cat on our daily walks with a smile and a wag. Truman has brought so much joy to my daily life already. I know it's not always this easy for every dog to acclimate to a new home having rescued other dogs. This has worked out to be a happy partnership for Truman, Harry and me.

Karen Thorborg

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