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I had the great fortune of adopting Mollie (now Mollie Grace) from GRRA this past April. I have always had dogs in my life, but I never owned a Golden Retriever. When I lost my amazing Labrador Retriever, Bella, at 17-years-old last year I was heartbroken. I knew I’d get another dog someday, but I did not expect it to happen so soon.

I became aware of GRRA during my time with Bella. My good friend adopted a 2-year-old Golden Retriever from GRRA named Atticus (now Bentley). Bella and Bentley became fast friends, Bella taught Bentley how to be a great dog while Bentley kept Bella young and playful. They were best friends and spent a lot of great times together. I have very fond memories of them together.

I was incredibly lonely once I lost my sweet Bella. I finally made the decision to adopt from GRRA so I could have time to train and play with my new pup. Being a teacher, I have the opportunity to enjoy some time off during the summer months and I knew I wanted a furry companion to accompany me on my adventures!

I began the application process with GRRA and I was amazed by the thoroughness and knowledge of the adoption consultant. Every step of the way I was told what to expect and I understood that the most important aspect was to ensure that each dog adopted went to the right type of home and owner. I appreciated that so much because my biggest concern was not finding a dog that would be a good fit with my lifestyle and vice versa.

I attended my first adoption day and met lots of cute dogs. I had been given information about dogs that might be good matches prior to the event so I knew what dogs I’d be focusing on. If not, I would want to take every dog home the moment I met them! My adoption consultant, Amanda Dytor, prepared me on what to expect and I finally had the chance to meet her that day.

There were so many great dogs there, but the ones that I had my eyes on did not seem like they would be a great match due to me being single and not having other dogs and/or children. I was discouraged at first, but I understood the reasoning behind the decisions. I knew there would be another adoption day where I might find my future fur baby.

I was about to leave that afternoon when I noticed a beautiful dog that was near the front of the store. I noticed her during my tour around meeting the other dogs, but I couldn’t get a good look because so many people were around her. I decided to wait and see if I could get more information.


I learned that Mollie was a three-year-old Golden and I had a great conversation with her current foster, Susan Swartz. I voiced my interest in Mollie, but I really did not think I’d be able to adopt her since there were so many interested people --- mainly families --- and I figured they would have a better shot than I would.

I received a call when I got home from Amanda, my adoption consultant, letting me know that the foster, Susan, would be in touch with me. I was elated, but tried to keep my cool as I did not want to get my hopes up.

About a week later --- after an official home visit and a great discussion with Susan --- Mollie became a part of my family!

I could not be happier and I think Mollie feels that way too! She is such a sweet dog and loves going for walks and hikes or just taking a nap with me on a rainy Sunday afternoon. She definitely wants for nothing --- other than chasing those pesky squirrels in our yard. She absolutely brings joy to everyone she meets!

Thank you GRRA for being such a great organization. From beginning to end, there was always someone there to check in and keep me informed. Your devotion to the dogs is amazing and I always sing your praises to anyone who will listen.

Tania Lehman


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