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UPDATE: We're no longer accepting bids. Stay tuned to read about the winners!

Sorry for the rush, but the goal is to get the calendar to press and out in time for Rescue Romp in October. We have a Graphic Designer and a Marketing Specialist designing our calendar this year, so it should be spectacular! You are bidding on a Calendar month large photo, but we will assign the month based on the photo. In other words, if the dog is playing in the snow, it will likely be a winter month. In the pool wearing sunglasses and it will likely be a summer month. We may have room for a few runners up, so don’t hesitate to bid.

All the profits raised from the calendar will go directly to help our orphaned Golden Retrievers. Your donation is tax deductible.


  • A Golden Retriever, Doodle, or a Golden Retriever mix needs to be in your shot.
  • No people allowed in the shot.
  • Only high resolution digital shots can be submitted (Smart phone photos – email the “Full Size Render” option) . You can submit more than one photo for consideration.
  • No payment due at this time. You only submit your bid donation. You will be notified if your dog is chosen for the calendar.
  • All forms and photos due by Midnight Friday, September 7.
  • Bid payments are due from winners by Monday, September 17.


Answer the questions below and submit a high resolution file (1980×2520 – 5MP minimum) to

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Email Address
  • Dog’s Name
  • Dog’s Age
  • GRRA Golden? Yes No If yes, what was your dog’s GRRA name?
  • 2-legged family members
  • 4-legged family members
  • What makes you laugh about your dog?
  • What is your dog’s favorite toy?
  • What is your dog’s favorite treat or food?
  • Where is your dog’s favorite place to go?
  • What other things make your dog special?

Golden in a swing

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