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We had just lost our 16-year-old Golden, Max. We were completely heartbroken. After some grieving, we decided to try and get another Golden because Max was our absolute love.

We contacted GRRA, completed the application, and attended one of their monthly adoption events.. It was at that event that we fell in love with the very first Golden we met! His name was Jackson.

We knew this was the dog for us. Some of the volunteers we had worked with told us many people had shown an interest at adoption day in this sweet and beautiful dog. He was clearly very special indeed. We were initially discouraged, but we didn't give up hope at all. We made sure everyone at GRRA knew we were interested in Jackson. The GRRA volunteers continued to stay in contact with our family and encouraged us to stay patient.

Finally, Kim (Jackson's foster mom) contacted us and Jackson was ours. WOW! What a great day that was!

We brought Jackson home and let me tell you ----- he is a fantastic Golden. He has doggie playtime once a week, a walk or run every single day, and is completely spoiled rotten.


Thanks to GRRA ---- we have a GREAT dog!

Jerry NIx

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