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Lost Dog - Help Find Wicket

Our Volunteer/Dog Trainer, who is also a teacher, had her home broken into about 12:30 3/22. Her dog Wicket is missing and she said Wicket was most likely stolen because she would not leave the house but would easily go with someone. If outside she would most likely go to a human. We are proceeding like a lost or stolen dog in getting the flyer out there in case Wicket turns up in another area. She is missing from the Buford, GA area. Please share her poster.

Wicket poster

GRRA Paws on the Path for Vato Hike IS CANCELED!

GRRA Paws on the Path for Vato-Roswell Old Mill Park and Vickery Creek Trail scheduled for March 29 is canceled.

Adoption Day is now Meet & Greet

Please note we have changed the name and location of our upcoming event formerly known as Adoption Day.

Please check out our upcoming events for future Meet & Greets.

Meet and Greet

Donate to Remington's Surgery Fund


Hi, I’m Remington. I’m a 9-month old purebred Golden retriever. I was purchased from a breeder by a family who ended up neglecting my needs as a typical, energetic puppy. I was kept confined on an apartment balcony or kept in a crate way too small for my growing body. They put me for sale on Craigslist and a family came to see me but realized that I wasn’t right for them due to the obvious neglect I’d been going through. But they knew they couldn’t keep me there (thank goodness!), so they rescued me from that situation. So, they turned to GRRA to find me a new furever home, one that will give me the attention, love, and medical attention I deserve.

After visiting Dr. Doolittle, I, unfortunately, have early signs of hip dysplasia. With me being young and it being caught early, I’m a good candidate for hip surgery in hopes to curb the progression greatly. Hip dysplasia is hereditary, but it may have been magnified by poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and being kept in that small crate.

My friends at GRRA have opened their loving arms to help me, but they need more help from GRRA friends, supporters, and members. It can cost up to $6800 for my hip surgery and rehab. Any donations will help, big or small! I appreciate your generosity!

Featured Dog: Muffin

A happy looking medium-sized black dog with floppy curly-haired ears

HI, there! Little Ms. Muffin here. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Whew, that was a blast, right? Pretty decorations, holiday music, presents everywhere, meeting new people, and let’s not forget the delicious food! But alas, the New Year has come and that’s why I’m writing you. My New Year’s resolution is to find a new furever home! I have been working so hard these past few months to become the best dog I can be. Now it’s time to put it into action.

Little bit about me. I’m an 8-year old Flat-coated retriever/Spaniel mix. My brother Duke and I came into GRRA in May because our owners needed to move into an assisted living facility which doesn’t allow dogs. We lived outside for most of our lives with very little human interaction, so you can imagine how scared we were of new situations and people around all of a sudden. Don’t get me wrong, I did like the attention and was friendly in return, but I felt more comfortable with a fewer number of people that I could approach myself. I was also scared of loud noises and thunder. And since I lived outside, I was not potty or leash trained.

I tell you this not to discourage you, but to let you know that I have prevailed! With the help of my wonderful foster, I am now quite the lovable companion. Most important, I’ve passed Housebreaking 101 and am now potty trained – YES! Not only am I happy about that, so are my foster’s floors . I also walk well on a leash now and have learned that thunder is not so bad. Well, it’s still a little scary, but when I wear my thundershirt and find my safe spot in the shower I’m cool. Not to toot my own horn, but I have come a long way and am proud of the confidence I’ve built since coming into GRRA!

another photo of the same very cute black dog standing with her head cocked to one side

Here’s what I would like in my new home…

  • Owners that understand my past and are aware that **sometimes I need a little time to warm up to new people and situations**. If there are children in the home, they should be old enough to be respectful of that.
  • **Another dog would be nice to have to keep me company.** I admit that I like to be the boss and maintain my personal space, but I do like other dogs and with the right companion I’ll fit right in.
  • **A fenced yard** would be great to keep me safe and sound. Fun fact, when I see a squirrel, the Flat-coated retriever and Spaniel both come out and I first point, hold, then bolt after them!

BONUS! Our generous friends at Susie’s Senior Dogs, a non-profit that helps promote and support the adoption of senior dogs, have already paid my $450 adoption fee! That’s right folks, you don’t need to worry about anything… just take me home and let the cuddles begin. It’s a steal, too, cause I’m worth a million bucks ??.

So, as you all write out your New Year’s resolutions – get organized, eat better, spend less, etc. – how about this one? Give Muffin a loving home. You won’t regret it!

Yep, another cute photo of the same cute pup but this time she's sitting and looking happy!

Patiently waiting,


If you are interested in learning more about Muffin, please contact your adoption consultant, or email!

Donate to Butch and Cassidy's Medical Funds

Butch and Cassidy relaxing

Butch and his sister Cassidy are typical purebred 8-week old Golden Retriever puppies, except that they were both born with birth defects that cause issues with one of their front legs. They have adapted to life without those paws and get along fine, and it sure doesn't make them less cute, does it? They were advertised on CraigsList at a discount due to their birth defects, and GRRA stepped in and got both of them so they would get the best medical attention and not fall into the wrong hands! CraigsList is a scary place for dogs and puppies.

Cassidy standing

The vet says that they will both need surgeries with amputations of that one front leg so that they can be as healthy as possible. All total this will end up being $3800 for the both of them. Fortunately, GRRA thinks they are worth it! However, we could really use your help in donating to their medical funds.

Butch being held

So I hope you have a few dollars left after your Christmas Shopping, or maybe you got some money for Christmas and you'd like to help support little Butch and Cassidy. Please donate and share with all your puppy loving friends too! Every bit helps us get the care for them that they deserve.

Featured Dog: LaShay

Hi, my name is LaShay, and it is my pleasure to introduce myself to you! I’m a female 5-year old Golden Retriever and German Shepherd mix. You can tell by my picture that I’m German in the front and Golden in the back. I was with my previous family since I was 6-weeks old. Recently, my mom has been having serious health issues and is not physically or financially able to care for me and my three doggy siblings. Sadly, she had to re-home all of us. And that’s when GRRA came into my life!

It’s definitely been a huge adjustment leaving the only home I’ve ever known and having to start all over. I must admit, I’ve been pretty scared and cautious of all new people that I’ve met so far. I was very upset being held in a kennel at the vet’s office, and that’s when everyone learned that being confined in small spaces is not my thing. After spending a couple of days at the vet and then my foster home, my fear of new people became more evident.

I know my foster family is trying to help me improve on this, and guess what? I think it’s working! When we are home, I am on high alert when new people enter. But I prefer it if a new person will just ignore me and let me go about my business of sniffing and greeting them on my own terms. After you pass my sniff test, I’m a whole other dog wanting your love, pets, and treats if you got ‘em. I even met 20 new people at Thanksgiving dinner and was just fine. Another thing that makes me feel better is if there is another confident and friendly dog around to show me that meeting strangers is not so bad. We are now venturing out of the house to see how I manage new people. To be honest, I’m more comfortable warming up to people at home, but I’m slowly improving in public places.

Other than the above, my foster says I’m a wonderful and loving dog. Once I bond with my new person, I am completely loyal and just want to be close to you. A ‘velcro’ dog if you will. I even prefer to have you around even when I eat. You and my trusty ball. It goes everywhere with me. So, get ready to play some fetch!

Here are some of the things on my wish list for my new furever home:

  • Quiet home with dog savvy owner(s). I’ll need a patient, nurturing owner who understands my needs and will be patient with me as I continue to learn how to trust new people. Older children 10+ years old would be fine if they also understand this. I would really love it if someone could be with me at home for most of the day.
  • Other dogs. I could be an only dog, but a respectful, confident dog that won’t want to play too much or get into my space would be a plus. Preferably not a dominant or puppy dog. (I haven’t met any cats yet.)
  • Nice and easy introductions. Slow, calm introductions on my own terms to new people as you read above.
  • In-home dog sitter. When you go out of town, I would like an in-home pet sitter since I don’t like being in a kennel or boarding facility.
  • But now I'm looking for the most important thing and that’s to find a home to call my very own! I miss being part of a family, and I’m ready to find my furever family. If you think you could be it, please let GRRA know!



    If you are interested in learning more about LaShay, please contact your adoption consultant, or email!

2020 "GRRA Paws on the Path Hikes for Vato"


Put these on your calendar for social outings with your "Golden"!

January 26 Sunday Gwinnett Environmental

February 23 Sunday Big Creek Park/Greenway Trail

March 29 Sunday Roswell Old Mill/Vickery Creek

April 25 Saturday Red Top Mountain

May 31 Sunday Little Mulberry

Further information will be posted on GRRA website Events, and GRRA Paws on the Path on Facebook.

Donate to Fort's Medical Fund


HI, I’m Fort. I’m a 5-year old Golden mix. I was a stray and found myself in a local animal shelter. I am just a happy guy loving guy that loves meeting new people. I’m good with most older calm children, 8-years of age and older. I am good with other dogs and even cats. I walk well on leash, enjoy car rides, and am housebroken. I do not like the crate though and even hurt my nose when I was put in one, ouch! And I am so smart – I know ‘sit’, ‘lay down’, ‘out’, ‘come’, and ‘no’. Impressive, huh? I would prefer a fenced yard so I can explore and play on my own and a furever family or individual who has had previous experience owning dogs.

Now for the bad news! I have severe allergies that cause me to have chronic ear infections. My ears hurt and they got so bad that I can not hear much. GRRA took me to a doggie doctor that specializes in allergies and she said the best thing for me would be a surgery to remove the infected ear canals. Don't feel too bad for me though. I will still be able to hear vibrations and some voices but I won't have pain. I will still have to take allergy medicine, but that will help keep them under control. My foster family has also been working with me on understanding hand signals so we can communicate better.

GRRA has already spent about $1,300 on getting me better with tests, medicine, more tests, more medicine, etc. My surgery is going to cost another $2,800. GRRA said they will do whatever it takes, even if that means they need to raise $4,100 for me.

If you could help me out with a few dollars, I would be very greatful. My surgery is going to be 12/19/2019 so I can be better by Christmas. Thank you and Merry Christmas. I hope I get some new toys and a Furever Family.

If you can help, please visit my profile page.

Love, Fort

GRRA Store Grand Opening


After months of hard work by our Merchandise Team, we are happy to announce our store is finally open for business, and just in time for holiday shopping! We are opening with limited merchandise but will be adding new designs soon! At last you can buy a new t-shirt in a variety of colors, coffee mugs, magnets, and more! These designs for the most part are different than the merchandise we carry to Adoption Day and Community Events. Calendars are still sold separately on our website.

We will soon be announcing a fun event connected to our store, so stay tuned and let the shopping begin!

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