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About Polly Anne

It is with the heaviest hearts that we let you all know that sweet little Polly Anne has crossed over the rainbow bridge.


After consulting with the amazing team of veterinarians at The University of Georgia, it has been determined that Polly Anne will never be able to walk or have a better quality of life than she has now, and will likely deteriorate over the next few weeks/months. 


Neither set of legs (front or back) will ever be able to move freely on their own or be able to propel her in a wheelchair.  She has significant neurological deficits and has been determined to have focal seizures, which could always progress into grand mal seizures.  She cannot straighten her front legs out properly, and her back legs have no reflexes.  She still cannot eat without assistance and cannot get herself into any position to use the bathroom aside from just lying on her side.


Thank you all for supporting and rallying for Polly Anne.  This is not the outcome we were hoping for this beautiful and sweet little girl.  We will always do what is in the best interest of the dog, even if it completely breaks our hearts in the process.


In memory of Polly Anne, we would gratefully accept donations to assist in offsetting the costs of the medical care we provided to her as well as the other dogs we provide care to.  Please click on the button below to check out the different ways you can donate.

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