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Golden Retriever

Let's talk, shall we? You need a friend and I need a home.... what more is there to say, really?
They call me Whity and as you may know, I came from a rather unique situation where I lived in a kennel with MANY other dogs, all about my age and temperament. And I was quite content except that I must let you know, I don't really like to be confined. This whole crate thing eludes me and even being confined to a small area doesn't work for me. I LIKE to be free to roam about and see what might interest me and the thing is, I CAN be out and about!!! I have no intention of destroying anything... about the worst thing I might do is check to see if by chance you may have left something yummy on the counter....and if you did, well, hey, fair game, right?!
I'm not what some would call a "typical" golden gal as I am a little bit shy upon first meeting you but once I see that you are here just to love me, I warm up quickly. I understand I am also quieter than many others like me, so if that is a plus for you, then let's put a checkmark in THAT column!
I am just about the perfect size and age weighing in at 63 pounds and a lovely 3.5 years. Just old enough not to act like a puppy and still young enough to give you many years of joy. I have learned that I do like being in the company of others, so I would love it if you were around and wanted to spend lots of time together, but I also understand when you have other things to attend to. I think I might also enjoy any other siblings I might have, but I am ok if it's just you and me.
So if you have nothing better to do today, how about we set up a Meet and Greet and we can figure out if we are meant to be together!

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Upcoming Meet & Greet Events

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