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I'm ready to run and play with my new family! Come and meet me soon!



Life Stage





Labrador Retriever Mix

Are you looking to have a really good time? ME TOO!!!
And I know exactly how to do it! You and I are going to have a BALL (literally!) playing fetch, chase,
hiking, walking and of course, CUDDLING!
They say I am 4 years old, but I don't feel that at all. I am a true puppy at heart and there is a lot that
goes along with that. I still have a bunch of stuff to learn, but the good news is, I WANT to learn!
Learning is like a whole bunch of new games to me! I usually end up getting lots of treats, so how is
that a bad thing?
I am mostly potty trained, but I do still forget sometimes so I am counting on YOU to remind me to go
outside and do that. I don't love my crate, but I know that it is the safest place for me to be when you
are not around, so I will go in and settle down pretty quickly. I know when you get back, we will go out
and play! And you know that I am still too young to be left alone and loose in the house, so I am happy
to be confined to certain areas of the house. I would really like it if I was confined in the space where
you are. I like being around you!
Kids make me happy - they have just as much energy as I do - but I also get excited and sometimes
jump on them to play, so I may not need to be around kids that are super small, since I may outweigh
them at 70 pounds. I haven't been around a cat, but if they want to play, I'd probably love that.
I love to pick up anything I can find lying around and I will bring it to you and happily relinquish it. I love
to go on walks but sometimes I pull a little hard so we may need to keep working on that. But I do
know lots of commands already like sit, stay, and leave it, and I am working on heel and come.
In a nutshell, I am a puppy looking for love and I am willing to learn whatever it would take to have
you Love ME!
So, if you think a Tater like me in your home and heart would work, please contact GRRA and ask
to meet me. Be ready to play!!!

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