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Stella: Foster To Adopt

***I've found my applicant who will join the GRRA Foster to Adopt Program, to care for me while I finish up my heartworm treatment.*** I'm so lucky that GRRA found me and is footing the bill for my treatment. ***Please consider donating to help offset the cost of my medical care, so that they will be able to help the next rescue in need!***



Life Stage





Golden Retriever

My foster told me that I am literally the sweetest and happiest dog that she has ever seen. While I've been on my limited activity restrictions, we've been fine tuning some of my habits. I love to walk on my leash, but I also love to visit with people we may meet on our walks and can pull just a bit too hard. I have been doing a great job with my house training, only a couple of recent mishaps. And guess who loves dogs, cats and kids? Yep, that would be me!! Check out my photos with them!
I'm halfway through my treatments, so you won't have to wait very long until we can do everything on our combined 'Best Time of Our Lives List'!

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