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Golden Retriever

Have you ever watched a single snowflake, drift down, then flit one way or another, then drift up and then, finally, it lands on your nose and disappears in an instant? Well that is kind of like me!!
Hi. I am named Snowflake, though my foster mom calls me Snowy, and due to my awkward beginnings, I act a bit like that snowflake described. I was born to be a breeder dog, which means I grew up in a cage without a lot of human interaction. As a result, I really don't know what you people want from me! When you come at me wanting to pet me and play with me, it actually frightens me and I tend to act REAL flighty and try to hide!! I've gotten better with my foster mom, probably because she is so chill and patient with me!
What I would love to find is someone who is not looking for a playmate, so much as they are looking for a soulmate. I really want to learn to trust and to become your true BFF, but you may have to have a little time and patience for me to get there, since I have a long way to go. I currently live in a foster home and they seem like really nice people, so I am starting to learn that people = treats, and hey, who doesn't love treats?!
And guess what?! I now love to play with a ball and I've got my own favorite toys, too!! And if you happen to already have a pup in your life, maybe they could also help me learn to trust and how to be a "normal" dog.
I know I don't fit the mold of a typical one year old golden (and let's face it, sometimes they can be REAL GOOFY) but maybe I am that "golden" in the rough, just waiting to sparkle!

***Find out how you can be my foster in our foster to adopt program!***

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