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Friendly, Lab mix with big velvety ears and a big heart, who just wants to please. She enjoys exercise, following commands and giving love to people.



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Labrador Retriever

Hello out there to all you potential adopters. My name is Scarlett, and I am a very
energetic 7.5-year-old Labrador mix that was rescued from an animal shelter by
the wonderful folks at GRRA. Now comes the even better part. I was fortunate to
be chosen to participate in a very special GRRA program called “Paws for Success.”
It was tough going at times, but I managed to learn so much and graduate with
During my time in the Paws for Success program I learned a lot about socialization
both with people and other animals. While I aced the people part, I can be dog
particular at times, so they are saying I would be best placed in a single dog only
home. I guess this is because I like to play with some dogs, but not others. I don’t
really like to brag, but I was a rockstar in my refresher course in basic obedience
and leash manners. We can’t all be perfect, can we? One other thing to note is that
I really do love to counter surf, but the trainers and my foster parents are
working on this with me. And while I understand the principle behind this, it is just
hard to resist a good counter surf, if you know what I mean. All kidding aside, I am
trying my best to overcome this.
After my graduation from Paws for Success I moved into a foster home, with two
of the most wonderful people in the world. They have given me the stability, love,
and structure that I needed to become the best dog that I can be. I absolutely
adore them. My foster momma is one of the best snugglers I have ever had the
pleasure of meeting. My most favorite time of day is in the mornings, after she
gets up, and we have our one on one snuggle time. I am crate and housetrained and
do best in my crate when left home alone for extended periods of time.
I am happiest when I am with my people and am very affectionate. I love people,
even the little ones called children, especially when we play ball, take walks, and do
anything related to agility. I shine brightest when I have a job to do. I don’t mean
to brag, but check out the videos my teacher made of me working with agility
equipment, training, and walks. They are on our YouTube channel.
I can’t wait to find a forever home, as I will make a wonderful and devoted
companion. I would just like consistency in my life, with someone who loves me for
who I am, and of course some fun, lots of love and affection, and maybe just a few
snacks whenever possible. Please find it in your heart to get to know me and I will
not disappoint you.

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