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I can’t wait to meet a family who enjoys doing fun activities as much as I do!
***Please take a look at my videos. I am such a good girl, if I don't say so myself!***



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Labrador Retriever

Hi, my name is Penny (AKA Patches in my former life). I am excited to tell you that I have just graduated from an incredibly unique GRRA program called Paws for Success. I learned a lot about myself in this program, especially how to manage my energy in constructive ways and also received a brush up on my basic obedience and socialization skills. Let me tell you this program is amazing. Even though it was difficult at times, I am happy to report that I managed to get the all clear and graduate. I am now actively accepting applications from families interested in making me a part of their life.
You may be wondering about my background prior to coming to GRRA. Well, I used to live with my mama and my doggie brothers and sisters, but then my mama got sick and could not take care of us anymore. She contacted the nice folks at GRRA, and they rescued me and my bestie Butterbean. Butterbean has found his forever home, but I am still waiting.
I am sure you are wondering why such a beautiful gal like me has not been swept off her feet yet. Unfortunately, I have heard people say, well she is not a “Golden” and yes, even though this is true, I still have so much to offer. Do you know that I belong to the second most popular dog breed in America, the Labrador Retriever!
Now let us talk a bit about what I enjoy doing and what my requirements are for my new home. Please no cats, unfortunately I just cannot resist a good chase when it presents itself. While I like other dogs, I do not necessarily need one in my new home, as long as you have lots of energy and want to be my new best friend. Being a lab, I need lots of exercise and mental stimulation. It would be great if my new family worked from home at least part of the time or were retired, so that we would have plenty of time to interact and you could help me burn off some of this excess energy I have. After all, life is for living and living means having fun and a job to do.
Speaking of things to do, I am interested in most all sports related activities such as fly ball, running, long hikes, dock diving, luring courses, and agility. Even though I have not yet been introduced to some of these activities, they sure do sound like fun. Due to my size and energy level and previous lack of exposure to young children, it would be best if I were in a child-free home.
I will also require a fenced in yard, and would benefit from a quieter home environment. I have been told that I have a strong personality, so someone who is dog savvy would be best. I think that this means that I need someone who will continue to work with me and give me the structure that I need to thrive. I really desire someone who has time to devote to me and loves to be active.
I have heard people say that I am a sweet girl who is a true sporting dog and needs mental and physical stimulation to fulfill my love of exercise. In my prior life I had limited social interactions and experiences so I can be a bit reserved when meeting people for the first time, but once I get to know you, I will be your best friend for life.
Won’t you open up your heart, life, and home to me? I promise I will not let you down. Just take a chance and give me the best gift a rescue dog could hope for, a new forever home. You will not regret it.

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