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I can’t wait to meet a family who enjoys doing fun activities as much as I do!
***Please take a look at my videos. I am such a good girl, if I don't say so myself!***



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Labrador Retriever

Hi everyone! The good people at GRRA asked to me tell you a little about myself so here goes.
I am a 2-year-old female lab mix, with a birthday coming up very soon. When people meet me, they always tell me that I am a sweet and beautiful girl. As you know the most common color coats for labs are black, brown, and yellow, but my coat is silver, which makes me stand out from the other labs and lab mixes.

I just love to get outside and play, as well as take long walks. They say that some people jog, and it would be fun to learn how to join them on a run. If it is exercise, I am a go! People say I am a smart dog and I do love mental exercises. I have heard about activities such as agility and I think that would be right up my alley.

At times I am shy with unfamiliar situations, but it doesn’t take me long to warm up. I really love being around people and look forward to having a human I can call my own. Building a close relationship with my owner is my number one goal. I know my basic commands and am constantly complimented on how well I follow them.
I look forward to meeting my future human and can’t wait to start a new and loving relationship in my forever home.

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