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***I'm ready to run and play with my new family!***



Life Stage





Golden Retriever

After being cooped up my whole life, I'm so ready to run and play with my people!
My foster mom says I'm just a giant puppy, who is eager to please her, as I learn to navigate my new world. As long as there are treats or food involved, I'm willing to do these crazy things that she tells me to do, like sit, come and I'll even drop items when she says no. What's that all about anyway?!
Then she does this wonderful thing called a hug and gives me sweet kisses, just for me being me. I could take those belly rubs and hugs, all day long! She says I'm a velcro dog, haha, I guess she means I stick to her side like glue.
She says I'm a work in progress when it comes to going outside to potty. I'm getting the hang of letting her know when I need to go, and she is very patient with me as I learn my cues.
You can take me on walks, and if kids or dogs are involved, that's okay, too. I am still learning to share my toys, but no worse than any other kid who wants to keep them all to himself. I'd never had toys until now, so it's a new experience for me, but one I'm willing to learn.
I do love to run in my fenced yard, then zonk out on my back. So if you're active and then like to chill out, I'll be your sidekick.
I'm ready at any time to come live with you and be your guy!!

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