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Golden Retriever

Hi there perspective adopters! My name is Magnolia, and I am a beautiful 3-year-old gal who is the new kid on the block in GRRA’s Paws for Success program. I am here getting a refresher course in Basic Obedience, Socialization and Behavior Modification. Unfortunately, my family surrendered me due to me not getting along with my sister from another mother. I have heard people calling it sibling rivalry or littermate syndrome, even though we did not come from the same litter or mother. All I know is that we just did not get along. Our issues normally revolved around me not wanting to share my toys or bones with my sister. Due to this, I will need to be an only child, oops I mean dog.

Now that we have that out of the way let me tell you some of the great stuff about me. I am housetrained and have excellent house manners, even when no one is home. I understand sit, down, stay, off and ok (to release me and when it is ok for me to eat). I absolutely love people, no one is a stranger to me. My favorite thing in the world is snuggles. I just cannot seem to get enough of them, especially in the morning. I have not, though, spent any time with children, so it would be best if my new home did not have any of them running around. The other day I heard one of the other dogs in the Paws for Success program talking about something called a “cat” with another one of the residents. I have never met one before, but due to my high prey drive, my new digs should be cat free, although now that I think about it, a good chase could be fun!

One of my absolute favorite things to do is swim. I love water so if you have a pool or live by a river or lake, I am your gal. I also like to lay in the sun after a nice long swim, while enjoying the company of my family. Some of my most loved snacks are fruit, veggies, cheese and, did anyone say PEANUT BUTTER! I am drooling just thinking about the cheese and peanut butter.

If you think that I might just be your gal, do not hesitate, fill out that application, contact your AC. Act fast because my bags are packed, and I am ready for my next great adventure. Are you ready for me?

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