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I can be your big furball of fun, once we become pals! Come along on my journey and join me in the Foster to Adopt Training Program!



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Golden Retriever

Have we met? If not, perhaps we should!
I'm the kinda guy that likes to get to know a person before I get too involved - could that person be you? I really do enjoy the company of others, once I get comfortable, and I am a very nice guy.
I am, of course, housebroken and I don't even mind the comfort of a crate. I love car rides and I love going to fun places to play and maybe swim? I'd love to have a nice big yard, so I could run around and get in my daily exercise that I crave.
I have enjoyed the company of female dogs, so if you already have a fur baby, maybe we could meet and see if we would be good siblings? I also have been around older kids and I like them because they usually like to run and swim and play, which are all things I like to do!
I am a spry 7 yo and I weigh about 68#.... Does it sound like I would "fit" in your world?! If so, call me!

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Upcoming Meet & Greet Events

No upcoming events at the moment

Watch our website for the next date and new location for Meet and Greet!

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