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Gabby Pup

Come and get me, I need a playmate!



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Labrador Retriever Mix

Come on, people!! Time is a WASTIN!!! YOU need a new pup and I need a NEW HOME! I am just about as perfect as a pup can get. Oh sure, sure... I'm not a beautiful blond with fluff and stuff but have you considered that looks aren't everything? I am SO SMART and I love life!!! And have you considered that I might not get as big and clumsy as some of those golden gals?! I am slender and athletic -only 15 pounds at 15 weeks-and I love to play! Do you need a running buddy? That's me! Do you need a snuggle buddy? That's ME! Do you want to laugh? I can make you do that!
I love to play outside and I enjoy all of my toys. I am eager to learn and if you have treats, I learn really fast! I am pretty much housebroken but sometimes I get nervous and widdle... I think I will grow out of that once I know you are my family and all of my nervousness goes away.
I think kids are cool and I haven't met a cat yet but I get along with most everybody so I can't imagine I wouldn't love to play with a kitty. And if I had a doggie sibling, well that would just be the greatest thing ever!
If I were creating my dating profile, it would read:
Loves to hike and go on road trips and snuggle under the stars. Do I sound like YOUR Dream Date???! Let me be the one to show you that Blonds do NOT have more fun!!!

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