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Ellie P

***I am ready to find my new home!***



Life Stage





Golden Retriever Mix

Hi folks, my name is Ellie P, and let me tell you I am one of the fortunate ones. I
and a few of my furry friends were found by a concerned citizen wandering around
their neighborhood. They immediately sprang into action and were able to round us
up and deliver us to the local animal shelter. Now this is where the story gets
really good. The amazing people at GRRA were notified of my existence and they
immediately swooped in and rescued me. It is hard for me to put into words how
much my life has changed for the better since then.
First and foremost, I was lucky enough to be entered into GRRA’s Paws for
Success program. This was a turning point for me. You see, due to my prior life
experiences I was very unsocialized which in turn caused me to be anxious, afraid,
and withdrawn around people. I am now very excited to say that I have now learned
that people are not so bad after all. In fact, I actually love to hang out with and
get attention from my foster family. I have also found that I am much more
comfortable around people when I have another dog with me. I currently have what
people are calling a “mentor dog” not sure what that means but whatever he is I
really like him and find that I am more confident when I am with him.
Now for the best news. I just graduated from the Paws for Success program and
am staying with a wonderful foster family while I am looking for my forever family.
We may be a perfect match if you work from home most of the time or are
retired. I would also prefer a quieter environment with no small children. Older dog
savvy teenagers who would love to play ball with me and take me for walks would be
a better fit for me. Another calm, confident dog in the home to help me navigate in
my new environment would be a plus. I have so much love to give and am just looking
for someone to share it with that has patience and understands that I will need
time to decompress and adjust to my new life and home. If you will just give me a
chance, I think that we can make a beautiful life together.
PS: My foster family says that I am just the sweetest little gal!

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