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I'm the unLucky one who, out of the 25 dogs that GRRA rescued, is the only one with heartworm disease. I'm the Lucky One because GRRA is providing the vet care to help me get rid of those awful squiggly worms that can mess up my heart! Would you please consider donating to help defray the cost, so that GRRA can help other dogs when the need arises?



Life Stage





Golden Retriever

Fall colors, warm fires, pumpkin lattes.... my name conjures up all things warm and wonderful, which is EXACTLY what I AM!!!
I am new to GRRA and I came from a weird situation in which I didn't spend a lot of time with humans, but now that I have, MAN do I LIKE THAT!!! Humans are great!!! They give belly rubs and treats and say sweet nothings in my ears... and when I need more attention, I just sit and offer up my paw until SOMEONE acknowledges me!
Now here's the downside, I am Heart Worm Positive. Yup. And that used to be a really awful thing, but it's not so bad anymore. I am getting treatment from the vet and yes, I do need to stay somewhat inactive for a bit, but at the end of the day, I will be just FINE! And yes, it is a VERY expensive process, but GRRA knows I am worth it, and they plan to see my treatment through, even AFTER you decide that I am the girl for you and we go home together. Isn't that AMAZING?!
So if you looked into my big brown eyes and knew in that instant that you had to have me in your life, now is the perfect time for us to be together. Just reach out and I will be THERE!

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