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Golden Retriever

Hi all you prospective adopters out there, my name is Ailsa (pronounced like Elsa!), and boy let me tell you,
these last few months have been a wild ride. You see, about 4 months ago I was
found wandering around Gwinnett County by a local animal shelter. They
immediately picked me up and held me for several days, hoping that my family would
come pick me up, but no one ever did. I was sad, scared, and lonely, but the good
news is, this didn’t last for long. A wonderful family came in, adopted me, and took
me to their home. I worked hard to learn how to live in a home, and made great
progress and loved my new home. I bonded quickly with my new momma, so when she
came home from work, I would spend my time following her around wherever she
went, and spent my nights sleeping on a comfy dog bed in their living room. I also
enjoyed playing with the dad in the family. Unfortunately, my new family’s situation
changed, and they felt that I deserved a better life than what they could provide.
Now this is where the story gets really good. The amazing people at GRRA were
contacted and they immediately agreed to find me a new home.
It is hard for me to put into words how much my life has changed since then. First
and foremost, I was lucky enough to be entered into GRRA’s Paws for Success
program. This was a turning point for me. You see, due to my prior life experiences,
I had just started to learn basic dog manners and was becoming familiar with all the
different sounds in a home, so Paws Program is providing me a bit of a refresher
course. They said that when I first came, I would protect an item I really liked,
since I had not had these things in my past, I wanted to keep them. I
learned quickly that I do not need to protect things, because there are so many fun
toys and things to play with, and sharing is more fun. I also pull on the leash
when walking, as I get very excited when I see other dogs. I just really want to meet people and other dogs and get a bit overstimulated. The team is working with me on this, and I have been getting a
lot of kudos for being a good girl and a fast learner.
Now for the best news. I am currently accepting applications for my forever
family. We may be a perfect match if you work from home most of the time or are
retired and are willing to play and exercise with me. I would prefer a quieter
environment with no small children. I really want nothing more than to be with my
people just chilling, playing and/or relaxing in the backyard, and going for long
walks. Oh, and one other thing, I love to go for rides in the car. I so enjoy looking
out the window or just laying down in the back seat while my human drives around.
I am your gal if you want a Velcro dog that absolutely adores people and attention.
I am ready to pack my bags and head off to my next great adventure. Will you be
the one that makes my dreams come true?

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