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Lucky's 8 Year End of Summer Bash

Lucky's 8th Anniversary End of Summer Bash, family and dog friendly fundraising event, sponsored by Cherry Street Brewing Company

When: Saturday August 25, 2018, from 6pm to 10pm Where: Outside Doghouse Pavilion and Lucky's Backyard, at Lucky's Burger and Brew in Roswell What: 2nd CUTEST Dog contest, with Lucky as the standing 1st place winner


Live Music by local favorite, 40HZ

Food and Beer Specials provided by Lucky's

Family Activities

2019 GRRA Calendar


Have awesome photos of your Golden Retrievers playing, swimming or just being CUTE?! Spotlight your Golden(s) by bidding on a 2019 GRRA Calendar page. All proceeds raised through the calendar auction go toward supporting our Goldens. Stay tuned-bidding will open soon!

Dog of the Month -Blanco


Hi, I’m Blanco. I’m a beautiful, sweet Golden/Great Pyr mix. I was in a shelter with a bad ear infection and poor coat. I was also underweight. My wonderful foster family had my ear treated, is feeding my good and healthy food and is giving me fish oil and baths to help my coat get to the spectacular one it’s meant to be. I’m well-behaved in the house and don’t care – or need – a crate since I’m house-trained and don’t get into things that aren’t mine. I would be best in a home without small children or other dogs. My foster observed that I seem fine with cats. I like to go for walks and look out the window on car rides. I’d love a fenced yard so I have a safe place to run around freely. My ideal home is one that had structure and a family that will give me the attention and love I deserve. In return, I’ll bring a lot of joy to a deserving family.

2018 Rescue Romp


Bring your pup(s) and support our largest fundraiser while enjoying dock diving, lure chasing, and agility fun. Everyone is welcome! This year's theme is "Circus" so get ready for hot dogs, popcorn, and cotton candy. Loads of activities for dogs and people. Tickets on sale soon!

Happy Tales - Samson


The email from Melinda Lahmers came late on a Thursday afternoon. I was just about to leave the house for lacrosse pick up.

It read......"I wanted to let you know that we have an approximate 8 week old blind male puppy. Please let me know if you’d like additional information ASAP......".

OMG! OMG! I would definitely be late for LAX pick up now!

I immediately called my 14 year old son into the room and read him the email. As I headed out the door to pick up my daughter, I asked Gabriel to Google "blind puppy care."


As I reached the middle school, I called my son and he told me a few things he’d already discovered online. Puppies who are born blind don’t know any different, so you don’t really have to feel sorry for them. That’s just the way life has always been for them.

Gabriel also told me that blind dogs seem to do better with other dogs around. Bingo! We already had a 12 year old male Brittany and an 8 year old Smooth Fox Terrier. Gabe said it’s easier for a blind puppy to navigate his surroundings if he follows the jingle sounds of their collar tags. Having other dogs in the home makes them feel more secure.


By this time, I was already on the phone to Melinda.

When I returned from LAX pick up, I had to take one more step...... I had to tell/ask my husband. He’s a softie, so I was pretty sure he’d be in.

After all, when we signed up to adopt through GRRA, he laid down the law ----- Must be a Golden Retriever and must be a puppy.


As a result, we had said no to a lot of other adoption possibilities which was really hard, but this one was not only an amazing opportunity but also a fit for our narrow parameters we had already discussed as a family.

At dinner that night, we voted on names for our possible new pup. We had a Roscoe and a Roxie and had fostered a grown Golden Retriever, Rufus, who instilled in us our love for the breed.

Several good possibilities were tossed about and then Gabe said “Samson” because of the strength of the biblical character due to his flowing mane. My husband Bill pointed out that biblical Samson was actually blinded at the end of his story.

Name picked? Check.

Gabe and I drove to Lori’s house that following Sunday morning. It was immediately apparent that sweet Samson had some semblance of sight. He sat and snuggled in the car right next to Gabriel all the way back to our house.

The introduction to Roscoe and Roxie went fairly smoothly. We watched closely for a few days and then began putting Roxie (his new best friend) in the crate with Samson at night so he didn’t feel alone.

Next came the challenge of the doggie door and the deck steps down to the yard. With a few days of training and some doggie treats, Samson managed going outside and down the steps to go potty. Success!

We learned to change the texture under his feet around the house where a transition would occur to give him an alert while walking. We had a mat by the doggie door and another at the top of the deck steps. He doesn’t even hesitate with getting around these days.

We are so happy with our sweet puppy and so happy for the gallant efforts GRRA took to rescue this very special Golden.

We can’t imagine life without him.

------Submitted by Julie Ann Rice


GRRA Notecards For Sale


Don't wait! Get a box of twelve blank notecards on heavy cardstock each featuring a delightful Golden Retriever! The cost of the notecards is $15.00 with $5.00 shipping or $15.00 if purchased in person at Adoption Day or GRRA events.

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Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta
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Dog of the Month -Agatha


My name is Agatha, and I am one of the gentlest dogs you will ever meet. Even though I had a rough beginning in life, I have retained my good nature and love being part of a family. I'm around 8 years old. I get along with children although I haven't been around the toddler variety. I'm fine with other dogs and love to be petted. I'm so friendly I was voted Miss Congeniality at the shelter. I'm anxious to show off my kindheartedness to you. In fact, I would love to be part of your family. Come and visit me at Adoption Day on Sunday, July 1.


Happy Tales - Butterball


It was a beautiful crisp and clear Sunday afternoon, and my parents told my brother and I that we were going to visit one of my Dad’s colleagues. Little did I know that we were actually going to meet Butterball for the very first time ---- a 6 month old beautiful purebred Golden Retriever who was ready for adoption by GRRA.

As we drove into the driveway, I could see in the distance the wagging tails of two Golden Retrievers. I was so excited to play with them because I love animals ---- particularly dogs and especially Goldens.

Butterball greeted my brother and I with a ball in his mouth and I could feel that he genuinely wanted to meet us. I asked if we could play with him. After 10 minutes of playing ball with him, my dad said “Do you want to take him home?” and after the question sunk in, I burst out in tears as I was overcome by a flood of emotions. I realized the visit was really to see if we were going to take home a dog.


Immediately after our visit, we shopped for a dog bed, toys (especially tennis balls!), and food. My mind raced about where he’d sleep, what we’d do with him, and how much fun we’d have with him. I hadn’t had a pet since I was about 4 years old. About 10 years ago, our beloved Golden Retriever Tucker passed away. That was a dark and sad period in my young life.

Just two days after our visit, Butterball walked into our home, and I felt that our family was considered complete.

As I reflect on this, I am so grateful that GRRA gave us this amazing opportunity to rescue a beautiful animal. What I’ve learned from Butterball (and Tucker, too) is that dogs give us unconditional love. And because of them, it makes the world a better place.

I hope that more people would consider rescuing dogs as all dogs (and all animals) deserve a peaceful and loving home. Frankly, isn’t that what we all want ---- to love and be loved?

I may only be 15 years old, but what I want is more love, compassion, and peace in the world. For that reason, a few years ago I founded Hannah4Change, which is a platform for change. I focus on animal issues as well as issues that affect our planet. Rescuing Butterball aligns with my beliefs that it is much better to adopt and rescue an animal than to buy from pet stores, breeders, and “puppy mills”.

Again, thank you to GRRA for changing Butterball’s life as well as ours.

Written by Hannah Testa


Dog of the Month -Bentley


Hi! I'm Bentley. Although I am twelve-years-old, I feel like I'm in my prime. I need a home where I can be the center of attention. This means no small children or other dogs. I sure would like a fenced yard to mosey around with my new family. I would be a terrific gardening companion. My foster says I'm a fast learner and love to be petted. I will be your best friend forever.

If you think we would be a match, please contact the good folks at GRRA by emailing Come and see me at Adoption Day! I'm the one with the big smile!

Happy Tales - Gracie


After losing my beloved 9 year old Golden to pancreatic cancer, I found myself missing furry love big time! Friends and family were sending me pictures, stories, and websites that had dogs available for adoption ---- one of which was GRRA.

We, like many of you, believe adoption is the only way to get a new pet. Of course, every dog was cuter than the one before, but no one took my heart until I saw Gracie’s picture. Those eyes and the "flying nun" like ears ---- it was like she was looking right at me.


As soon as I saw her, something told me she was my dog. Her bio said she was a special needs dog and would require a specific kind of family and extra attention and patience. My husband and I talked about it and decided we could offer the extra time and love to a special dog like Gracie.

Every interaction with GRRA was great! George was my contact and happened to be the person that initially rescued Gracie. Needless to say, he had an even more personal attachment to her (I secretly think if he didn’t already have a house full of fur babies he would have kept her for his own).

All of the volunteers were helpful and thorough on getting us all of the information we needed to work through the process. Gracie was at U.S. Canine and had unfortunately been there for 7 months after an unsuccessful adoption.

We went for a "meet and greet" which lead to a couple of extended meetings to not only make sure she was the right dog for us, but that we would be the right parents for her.

Everybody at GRRA and U.S. Canine are extremely sensitive to the importance of a good match to a forever home. The process is very detailed and at the time I didn’t understand why it was so involved. But after having our baby for a while now, I understand the importance ---- especially with a special needs dog.


Gracie has come a very long way. She is still dealing with anxiety when it comes to other dogs and people but is slowly getting more socialized and trusting. She is so sweet and loving and after so much time at U.S. Canine extremely well behaved. We feel so lucky to have Gracie and for all of the help GRRA provided.

Thank you GRRA for helping us bring home our forever dog!

Jody and Mike DiNicola

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