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2018 GRRA Calendar and Note Cards

2018 Calendar Cover

Calendars, Note Cards, Goldens…OH MY!

The 2018 GRRA Calendars are on sale now! The 12-month, 28-page, full-color, calendar has over 120 photos of the cutest rescued Retrievers, featuring 12 lucky dogs of the month, and of course, our 2018 Golden Cover Dog, Jackson Spook! Put a smile on your face when you start planning your day, week, or month with our gorgeous golden friends.

BUT WAIT…there’s more! Don’t you want your friends and family to see our wonderful dogs, too? Well, now you can by sending them your thoughts and well wishes with our 2018 Calendar Photo Note Cards! Each box will include 12 different note cards (4.25x5.5) featuring some of our calendar dogs in action. They are blank inside so they can be used for any occasion or just to say hello.

2018 Cover Dog

2018 Photos Page

Calendars and note cards can be purchased for $15 each in person at GRRA events and Adoption Days OR for $20 to cover the cost of postage if paid online or by mailing a check (see below).

All proceeds go directly to rescuing Golden Retrievers in Georgia. These calendars and note cards make great holiday gifts or even thoughtful gifts throughout the year, and supplies are limited, so get yours today!

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Prefer to pay by check? Send payment to address below. Please be sure to include mailing address, phone number, and email address in case we have questions regarding your order.

Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta
P.O. Box 7743
Atlanta, Georgia 30357

Dog of the Month -Lyon


Hi – I’m Lyon. I’m a 2.5-year-old golden mix and I’m looking for a family that will love me and one I can love right back. So far life has been kinda tough. I’m so thankful GRRA rescued me from the shelter. I’m reportedly very, very sweet. I’m not bragging – this is a direct quote from those who have met me. I love to play - I'm no couch potato. I'm always ready to go on walks or runs. I'm like a Mr Congeniality - I want everyone to be my friend - dogs and humans, but squirrels are a notable exception. I'm not much of a barker, and only bark when I'm trying to get my fellow canines to play with me.


It's also been mentioned that I'm smart and pick up on commands pretty quickly, especially when treats are involved. If you want someone to greet you at the door every time you come home, I'm your guy! I'm definitely need a home with a fenced yard. Older children would be best for me since I may knock younger ones down accidentally. Sometimes I just get too excited when I see people!

If you’re interested in adopting me please send an email with your information to

Happy Tales - Henry


After moving to Atlanta over three years ago from Michigan, the word “lonely “took on a new meaning in my life. I no longer had the familiarity of my hometown or the comfort/convenience of spending time with my parent’s Golden Retriever. My family began to encourage me to look into getting a dog of my own.

Having grown up around Golden Retrievers, I know how special the breed is and told myself I would never settle for any other breed. The journey to find the perfect match began......

I knew it would be somewhat of a challenge to find a companion that could adapt to my current lifestyle. As a nurse, I work long hours, live in a small apartment, and do not have a fenced in backyard.

I applied through the GRRA website. They immediately contacted me and spent time getting to know me, my lifestyle, and what I was looking for in a companion.

I met three different foster parents and dogs before finding Henry. I respected the foster parent’s decision to place those previous dogs in other “furever” homes. GRRA takes a great deal of time getting to know their foster dogs ---- and then even more time finding the perfect match in a family.


I attended adoption day with my parents. I met “Sonny” and was thrilled to hear from his foster parents about setting up a meet and greet. Sonny was so handsome, active, and loving. There were many other applicants so I tried to not get my hopes up.

Much to my surprise, the Levine’s (Sonny’s foster parents”) called me three days later to tell me they thought Sonny and I would be the perfect match. I changed his name to Henry and he was worth the wait!

Henry is my best running buddy, loves swimming in Lake Lanier after his tennis balls, and is so gentle with my young nieces and nephews.

Thank you to GRRA for taking the time to invest in finding the perfect “furever” homes for your dogs. I certainly think Henry is the perfect dog for me and based on his tail wags ---- I think Henry is happy here too!

Lisa Lautenbach


Volunteer of the Month - George Ellis


Congratulations to George Ellis, the GRRA November Volunteer of the Month! George is a dedicated volunteer who performs many duties, including intake team, placement, transporter, foster, Adoption Day volunteer, and home check volunteer. In addition to all of that, he is serving as a point of contact for two special needs dogs. He is helping to determine the best forever homes for these GRRA dogs. As one of GRRA people who nominated him summed it up, “George seems to be everywhere doing everything!” Those of us who are GRRA volunteers can attest to that. When asked how he felt to be chosen as the November Volunteer of the Month, George stated, “It is an honor. I know that it wouldn't be possible without the help of so many other dedicated people here at GRRA so I would like to thank all of our volunteers for their support. GRRA wouldn’t be able to do all it does without all of the volunteers and members.”

George became involved with GRRA in 2012. After a 30+-year career with several airlines, George decided it was time to retire. He longed to be home at night and knew this meant he could finally get a dog (or two). George had always loved dogs, especially retriever types, and had had two beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retrievers when he was young. Years before, George had fallen in love with a friend's golden, Bentley, whom he had known from when he was a puppy. Bentley had a wonderful full life. George shared, “I learned all about what goofy, magnificent souls goldens are.” As goldens lovers, many of us know exactly what George is talking about. He continued, “I am so glad GRRA was at the top of my Google search!” So are we, George, as we gained a wonderful volunteer and friend.

George said it was difficult to choose his most rewarding moment while volunteering at GRRA because he has had so many. “However,” he continued, “It is very rewarding picking up scared dogs from a shelter. It is so gratifying to be able to walk outside with these dogs and observe them taking in the views and fresh air during their rides to freedom!” He also loves to see the transformation in so many dogs that didn’t get “their fair shake the first or second time around.” Many of us in rescue echo that sentiment and are, like George, thrilled to see wonderful dogs finally get the great homes they deserve.

Thank you, George, for your dedication to GRRA and our beloved goldens. You are making a difference in many dogs’ lives and we truly appreciate all you do!

If reading George’s story has inspired you to volunteer, please apply to volunteer online at A GRRA volunteer will be happy to talk with you about volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer of the Month - Rita Pikor


Congratulations to Rita Pikor, GRRA’s October Volunteer of the Month! If you attend GRRA’s Adoption Days at Petco, you will probably recognize Rita’s smiling face. She is at the front of the store at the volunteer check-in, sales and information table. What you don’t see before everyone arrives, is Rita carrying into the store the table, GRRA calendars and t-shirts, etc. to set-up. She even stores all of that at her house! In addition to helping at Adoption Day and other events, Rita has fostered, done Retriever Taxi, intakes, and assisted with the GRRA holiday party. That is one long list of jobs!

Rita became involved in GRRA in 2013 immediately after losing her last two goldens. Many of us can relate to the difficult time she had after her beloved dogs passed away. She missed having goldens in her life and decided to get involved with GRRA. Rita volunteered to foster and to date she has fostered 18 dogs. As mentioned, she has moved on to assisting with a variety of tasks in GRRA. She explained, “Volunteering was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

If you are a regular reader of the Volunteer of the Month articles, you may have noticed that the VOM’s often describe many rewarding moments that they have experienced while volunteering with GRRA. Rita shared that same sentiment, saying, “I have had many rewarding moments! Every time you place a dog with their new family, it is so special. It is a bittersweet day, but seeing the happiness and smiles on the faces of the adopters makes it so worth it.” Rita told a story about recently seeing one of her first foster dogs at his family’s house. She had not seen him in about a year. When he came out the front door and they let him go, he ran over to her car, jumped up and gave her a hug and kisses. Understandably, she was very touched! After a sweet story like that, it may seem obvious why Rita continues to volunteer for GRRA. She explained, “I can never get too much of golden retrievers. I love all dogs but there is just something so special to me about this breed. I just look at their face, and it makes me instantly smile and warms my heart. I have even crossed the street on walks and stopped my car to pet a golden! I have made new friends and met so many caring people within this organization. It is such a “feel-good” community to be a part of. GRRA came into my life at a difficult time and helped me to turn that into a fun and rewarding time. My only regret is that I didn't discover my passion for goldens when I was in my 20's so that I could have had many more to love!”

Rita, thank you for your dedication to helping deserving goldens find loving homes. We truly appreciate you!

Dog of the Month - Gracie


Hi, I’m Gracie. I’m a sweet 3 1/2 year old golden mix. I get along well with other dogs. Cats probably aren’t a good idea since I do like to stalk squirrels in the yard. Older children are best for me. I’m really good in the car and well-behaved in the house. I love spending time outside and am very comfortable there. I love going for walks and practicing my leash skills and will continue with my leash training in my new home. A fenced yard is preferred so I can spend time outside (the squirrels will appreciate it too). My foster Mom says I’m a sweet and deserving girl and I deserve a loving and caring family or individual of my very own. Since I’ve attended training class, my prospective adopters and I will attend training together so we’re all on the same page as to what’s expected of me. If you’re interested in adopting me please send an email with your information to

Happy Tales - Jackson


We had just lost our 16-year-old Golden, Max. We were completely heartbroken. After some grieving, we decided to try and get another Golden because Max was our absolute love.

We contacted GRRA, completed the application, and attended one of their monthly adoption events.. It was at that event that we fell in love with the very first Golden we met! His name was Jackson.

We knew this was the dog for us. Some of the volunteers we had worked with told us many people had shown an interest at adoption day in this sweet and beautiful dog. He was clearly very special indeed. We were initially discouraged, but we didn't give up hope at all. We made sure everyone at GRRA knew we were interested in Jackson. The GRRA volunteers continued to stay in contact with our family and encouraged us to stay patient.

Finally, Kim (Jackson's foster mom) contacted us and Jackson was ours. WOW! What a great day that was!

We brought Jackson home and let me tell you ----- he is a fantastic Golden. He has doggie playtime once a week, a walk or run every single day, and is completely spoiled rotten.


Thanks to GRRA ---- we have a GREAT dog!

Jerry NIx

Dog of the Month - Rufus

VOM Hi, I’m Rufus. I’m a very affectionate and sweet boy. My foster Mom says I’m precious and very funny. I’m a typical youngster who is fearless and energetic. I’m great with other dogs and would love another playful dog or two in my forever home with whom I can play. I’m a joy to walk on the leash and good in the car. I am a work in progress and will be perfect for a family who will continue to provide me structure, stability, love and exercise. I’ve been through training and know lots of obedience (like how to sit, stay, down, come). I’m housetrained too! My crate is my safe spot and when I’m tired, I’ll go lay down in there. I also eat in my crate. I’d love a fenced yard in my forever home so I can run and play safely.


Because I’ve been bounced around before, I want my new family to understand me, to love me and to continue to show me the way to be the best boy I can be. I don’t want to be let down again. My new family will have to go through a two-hour training before my adoption will be finalized so that we understand each other. I’m a precious, loving, care-free and deserving boy. If you’re interested in adopting me and live in Georgia, please visit our website at (“Golden Retriever Rescue Atlanta”) to learn more about our adoption process and to complete our adoption application form.

Volunteer of the Month - Jean Vallee


Congratulations to Jean Vallee, the GRRA September Volunteer of the Month. Jean, who started volunteering in 2007, is a foster who often takes on special needs dogs. One of the volunteers that nominated Jean stated, "She is a foster who will take on long term care dogs. Often the dogs are older, not well socialized and in need of medical care. Sometimes it takes months for the dogs to become well enough to be adopted. Other times she has taken care of dogs until they cross the rainbow bridge. She is so very loving to each of these GRRA dogs.”

Jean has a soft heart for the difficult cases. In fact, she started fostering for GRRA after seeing a golden retriever online that was in bad shape. The post said that it was a male golden retriever taken from a person who was feeding a pack of dogs. He was hospitalized, and the dogs found themselves on their own. Jean contacted GRRA and offered to foster the golden. Three baths later, they discovered that the male golden was actually a female! After being in such a difficult situation, it was not a surprise that Ayla had shut down emotionally. Jean discovered during the first night at her house that she was also epileptic. She elaborated, “Ayla needed extra confidence, some extra medication and some time to realize that things were looking up! Her story had a happy ending when she got adopted by a lovely couple.”

Jean was very touched when she was told she was the September Volunteer of the Month. She said, “It is a wonderful honor and a nice surprise! This is such a well run, competent and caring organization and I am proud to be a part of it.” Jean continued, “I stepped away from volunteering for awhile and it is great to be back with this group. GRRA has the nicest volunteers!”

Jean shared several of her favorite things about fostering. She truly enjoys watching her foster dogs go to their new homes where they will be loved for the rest of their lives. Also, Jean is delighted when she delivers her foster dogs to their new homes and she witnesses them starting to “click” with their new owners. Recently, Jean adopted her foster dog, Pepper, to a long time GRRA volunteer, Paula Rosenberg. While she was there, she noticed Pepper looking towards Paula for cues. Jean stated, “That is the best part!” Once a successful adoption has been completed, Jean is eager to start again with a new foster dog looking for his/her forever home. This is good news for GRRA as we are always in need of great foster homes.

Jean, it is volunteers like you that make GRRA a successful organization. Our heartfelt thanks for all you do for GRRA and our precious goldens!

Happy Tales - Daisy


In November 2015, we adopted Daisy. Our "pet family" consisted of 2-year-old golden, Rigby, and 4-year-old Ringo the cat. But we felt Rigby needed a fellow canine companion. With an already established "pet family", we were realistic about accommodating everyone's needs. That is why we chose to work with Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta.


We had two dogs visit our house and also met a dog at a foster family's home. Unfortunately we had issues with either of the dogs meshing with Rigby or not being gentle with Ringo. We continued to search the website, and reviewed emails our adoption coordinator sent to us. Finally, we went to the monthly GRRA day event at Petco. This is how we found our Daisy!!


When she visited our home with foster "dad", Erick, everything just meshed. She has been our "ball of energy", a running partner, Rigby's best friend, and has provided us a lot of joy.

Thank you to Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta for bringing us our precious little Daisy.

Jenna Howard

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