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Donate to Bella Mae’s Medical Fund

Bella Mae is a beautiful purebred Golden Retriever who has had a rough couple of years. She had an elderly owner at one time who could no longer care for her and then her next owner had to move away so she was surrendered to GRRA. Somewhere along the line Bella Mae had some type of trauma to her leg.

Bella Mae

Bella Mae has had painful legs for quite a while and has been limping around. At only 2 1/2 years old, it is sad to watch one so young in pain. A specialist was contacted and tests and X-rays were taken. The result is that Bella Mae was probably hit by a car at some point with ankle and knee trauma, and in addition she had two bad hips, making it all the more difficult for her to walk. We discussed amputation but with bad hips that would have put too much stress on one bad hip. We wanted what was best for Bella Mae so on April 4, she had Ortho Biolateral FHO surgery (both hips). She will have months of physical therapy starting next week. It is estimated that her care so far, including the surgery and the cost of physical therapy for sweet Bella Mae, will be a whopping $6,600. As always the quality of the care we give our orphans is not affected by how high the bill will be, but it does affect how many dogs with expensive conditions we can take in.

If you would like to donate to Bella Mae's surgery and rehab cost, it would be greatly appreciated and will help ensure GRRA doesn't have to say no when the next expensive medical situation is presented.

Spotlight on Honey



My name is Honey and I absolutely loves to go for walks/hikes. I think it is my favorite part of the day besides breakfast and dinner.

Yes I am sure that you can tell by my pics that I am a bit of a foodie so my foster parents have put me on a green bean and dog food diet until I get my girlish figure back. I didn’t get any walks in my prior home so unfortunately I have packed on a few pounds.

I really love my big brother, but I think I overwhelm him just a bit. I get too excited and play just a bit too rough for him. He is working on my training with me. I am a smart girl so I am picking up on his cues and getting better but still have a lot to learn.


When I meet you I may seem a bit standoffish but once I get to know you I will be your best friend forever. I think I am just a bit unsure about how new people will treat me. I never forget a face though, especially ones that has given me treats and or a belly rub. I am a love bug and will just stare into your eyes forever if you rub my chest or behind my ears and will give you kisses as my way of saying thanks.


Oh and I forgot to mention that I really enjoy being outside, there is so much to see and do and oh the smells. And by the way if you haven’t tried it yet squirrel chasing is the best.

My foster mom and dad say that I am great in the house. Not sure what that means exactly, but I don’t play with anything except my toys and try not to make a mess. They have this thing called a dog door, what a great invention. I can go outside anytime I want, who could ask for better.

I know sit and stay, but apparently I am not really great on the come command or maybe I just don’t know what my name is yet. I hear them calling someone to come, but not sure that it is me, so most of the time I just wait until them come and find me. I heard my foster parents say that they think that I have selective hearing (not sure what that is) or that I really don’t know what my name is so they are working with me on this with TREATS. Maybe I am smarter than they think.

I would love to find a new home where I could continue learning to be the best dog I can be even if it takes going to school. I know that I have a few things to work on, but lets face it who doesn’t. The one thing I can tell you for sure is that I will try my best to make your life the greatest it can be with new adventures around every corner.

Let’s do some zoomies together.

Spotlight on Yeller



“Yeller" is a perfectly behaved dog who walks beautifully with a harness. He is calm and barks a couple of times when someone comes to the front door. He loves to walk and be outside, but also enjoys his leisurely afternoon naps. Yeller knows some commands and is eager to please. Children and adults all enjoy his sweet personality! He will make a great pet for a family with or without children.

Happy Tales-Truman


I've rescued Goldens since my first dog in the late 80's. They're such wonderful dogs. Who in GRRA would argue? The last two came from GRR chapters, one from TN Valley and one in Nashville. When my beloved Clifford (yes, he was a big red dog!) passed away last year at the age of 12, I felt the loss very heavily. He was special, and I just wasn't ready for another dog. Around the holidays, I was finally ready and began to search rescue sites for possible matches. I knew my calling from now on is to look for the hard to place seniors. I saw Truman's picture. He is so gorgeous! Reading his profile, I thought guy will be a good fit. I reached out to inquire and start the adoption process. There was an adoption event that Truman was attending so I made sure to visit. He was a popular attendee and plenty of potential new parents wanted to spend time with him. Truman is calm, cool and collected and never minded the crowds or everyone wanting to pet him. I made up my mind, Truman was the dog for me.

VOM GRRA goes through a meet and greet, and Truman's foster mom wanted to make sure Truman was going to be comfortable. I sang the praises of my situation, stating all the advantages for an older dog, one story home, no stairs to get outside, quiet environment, experienced owner, etc. It seems there was no need for all that because Truman was at home after just a few minutes. My rescue cat, Harry, took to him right away! Yes, it's Harry & Truman. :) The process took over 2 months from the moment I saw Truman's picture until he was placed. There are some steps, and I think this helps to make good placements for both the dogs and owners.

VOM We're getting along fabulously. Truman loves the neighborhood dog park and loves to play with the mostly younger dogs. He can't keep up a race for long but he's smiling and wagging his tail the entire visit. He greets every person, dog and cat on our daily walks with a smile and a wag. Truman has brought so much joy to my daily life already. I know it's not always this easy for every dog to acclimate to a new home having rescued other dogs. This has worked out to be a happy partnership for Truman, Harry and me.

Karen Thorborg

Spotlight on Osito



Osito is looking for his "furever" home. He is a very loving dog. Get to know him better by watching "his" video. If you think you might be his new "human", read more about this wonderful boy.

Spotlight on Titan

UPDATE (Sat, Mar 16, 2019): Titan has been adopted!



Titan is a very sweet medium-sized Golden Doodle. He loves to run and play and is as energetic as he is smart. He is friendly to dogs and kids who are old enough to help train him on a few manners, like jumping up. He needs further leash training. A fenced yard would be ideal for him to play. Titan is looking for a Foster Home but would really love his own "furever" family. Meet Titan at GRRA Adoption Day.

Happy Tales-Lacey


We lost two of our Goldens, Trixie and Poppy, in a short time. Poor Charlie, our remaining Golden, was left alone after enjoying the company of his “girls”. Charlie is very shy but Trixie and Poppy helped him feel confident. I knew Charlie needed a companion.

Seeing Lacey on the GRRA website led me to meeting her at Adoption Day. She was perfect for Charlie. Her age, fourteen, wasn’t a drawback as Charlie is a senior too. She was very friendly and cheerful at Adoption Day, and I knew she would be a good match for Charlie.


When Lacey and Charlie met, it was like they were always friends. They acted like old friends who hadn’t seen one another for a long time. Lacey also loved my young grandchildren and didn’t mind if a Lego building fell over on her or a Hot Wheels car raced past her nose. She looked like she was enjoying the commotion. She loves going on walks and likes to be the leader. She fit in so well it’s hard to believe she hasn’t always been with my family.


We had a worry when we found some lumps that turned out to be cancerous. Dr. David, the veterinarian at Good Hands in Athens was able to remove the tumors and give Lacey a longer life. Even when she came home from surgery, she was smiling. She’s an example of a true Golden Retriever, always smiling, no matter what!

Jim and Nancy Baumann

Happy Tales-Yogi


After losing our beloved Abbie, we didn’t want to adopt another dog right away. Abbie was part of our family for sixteen years, a rescue, and the sweetest dog. She accepted our new babies and was extremely gentle with them. One day, my husband felt he was ready to adopt a dog. I was too, so we began looking at the GRRA website. We needed a dog that was gentle since we have a five-year-old and three-year old. We both work so a puppy wouldn’t be a good idea. I attended several GRRA Adoption Days and met many wonderful dogs. But they were adopted so we kept looking.

At Adoption Day in December, I spotted the cutest dog march into to Petco. He was a smaller golden mix and had such a cute attitude. Yogi had a crowd around him but when I was able to meet him, he snuggled up against me. His coat was so soft and his smile so big. He just spoke to me! I contacted Melinda Lahmers, our Adoption Coordinator, and arranged a home visit with Yogi. He marched into our home with his confident attitude and stole our hearts. He was gentle with our boys, enjoyed our fenced backyard, and liked going for walks. He could stay in his crate during the day while we are at work. He just fit right into our family.


The adoption process was very professional, and GRRA made sure Yogi was the right fit for our family. We miss Abbie but we are enjoying Yogi as he settles in to our family. We are going to be attending Obedience Classes soon to help Yogi channel his exuberance. Yogi is such a good match for us!

-Kate Hallam


Dogs of the Month-Bonded Pairs


Adopting a bonded pair is not the answer for every home, and it can the perfect answer for many adopters. These duos can bring twice the love into your home. In some cases, a bonded pair is a parent with an offspring. Sometimes it is two litter mates — puppies, teenagers, or even seniors. Occasionally, the two dogs are simply long- or even short-term companions with no blood relation at all. But they have a well-established bond through their shared experiences. These are dogs who may be well socialized but depend one another as a survival technique. They rely on one another for their social cues, for confidence building in new situations, and for stress relief from any uncomfortable predicament.

Bonding is not about any two dogs who have come into the GRRA program together even though they are connected by birth or family situation. Two such dogs may very well be placed in separate homes so that they may both become “the best dogs they can be.” One dog may thrive away from the shadow of the other, more dominant dog. In contrast, a truly bonded pair honestly has a visible cadence that seems to control their every move and their every response to their environment. It's essential for them to remain together.

Why adopt a bonded pair?

These special duos seem to provide unique rewards and benefits to those adopters who make them a part of their family:

• First, there is the undeniable realization that you have brought not just one, but two dogs, baffled and confused by an unexpected turn in their world, into a safe and loving home. What a feeling!

• Second, the adjustment into their new environment is eased simply by the fact that these dogs still have each other. Security trumps fear in many cases!

• Third, having a built-in companion and playmate provides stimulation that reduces boredom, destructive behavior, and potential separation anxiety.

Introducing GRRA’s newest bonded pair…Tinsel & Twinkle

We are a lovely bonded pair of 10-year-old seniors that need foster home or a foster to adopt arrangement. GRRA can clearly see we have been together all our lives, and we want to remain together. We just had to have surgery to repair our eyes. We had something called “Ectropion”. It's a condition where the lower eyelid turns or sags outward, away from the eye, exposing the surface of the inner eyelid. This condition can cause eye dryness, excessive tearing, and irritation. Don’t worry! Our eyes have healed nicely. We can see so much better!

Unfortunately, we weren’t well taken care of as we are both heart worm positive. This will involve about 90 days of treatment and exercise restrictions per GRRA Heartworm protocol. Due to our age, we both have arthritis in the hind area. It does not affect our mobility although we’d prefer not to have many stairs.

Hi… I’m Tinsel.


I’m a large sweet boy. I am extremely polite and mind my manners. Recently, I met a child and a rabbit and displayed only the most positive manners. I do not pull on my leash, and I like going on walks.

Hi… I’m Twinkle


I’m a social butterfly! I love to meet any dog or person with positive vibes. I’m extremely sweet and try be a lap dog. I have the pure golden personality.

If you are interested, please contact your adoption consultant if you have been assigned to one and/or respond back to

Help Create World's Largest Valentine


The Petco Foundation is asking pet adopters to participate in creating the World’s Largest Valentine for homeless pets and the people who care for them.

Participants that submit a photo or video at from January 15 to February 13 will be eligible to win daily prizes, and will give Golden Retriever Rescue the chance to earn a $1,000 daily grant award. At the end of the submission period, if Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta has the most valentines, we will be eligible for $10,000 in lifesaving funds.

Won't you help us by submitting a photo or video valentine?

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