Finding Warm Homes for Cold Noses Since 1991!

Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta

2013 Rescue Romp - Group Photo

Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta (GRRA) is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to saving Golden Retrievers that are in need of new forever homes. Started in 1991, Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta is registered with the State of Georgia and is licensed by the State Agriculture Department as an animal shelter and rescue group.

There are no paid officers or members within GRRA. Volunteers staff the myriad of functions associated with running the complex day-to-day operations of a dog rescue.

The GRRA Rescue team works closely with Georgia animal control organizations to save Golden Retrievers that have found themselves in shelters. We also accept Golden Retrievers from owners and breeders who are no longer able to provide the attention and/or care the dogs deserve.

The GRRA Foster team is a network of volunteers who generously provide the shelter, care, training and love these dogs need in preparation for adoption. GRRA also ensures necessary medical care for each dog is provided before they are adopted.

The GRRA Placement team supports the applicants wishing to adopt a GRRA rescue dog. They conduct interviews, arrange for home checks and help facilitate the best matches between humans and dogs.

Other GRRA volunteers fulfill a variety of essential roles, supporting voicemail, e-mail, administration, accounting, transportation, medical care, technology, fundraising, membership, newsletters, adoption day, and countless other vital functions.

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors provides both tactical and strategic support to the GRRA volunteers, members and rescue dogs.

Board Of Directors

Deborah Osborn
Director, Fundraising
Director, Intake
Amanda Dytor
Director, Marketing
Hal Schlenger
Director, Placement
Melinda Lahmers
Director, Rescue Operations
Lori Podolski
Director, Technology
Cory Deppen
Director, Volunteer Recruitment
Carolyn Waters
Dan Williams
Vice President
Robin Katoff-Levinson

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Points of Contact

Adoption Day Coordinator
Susan Swartz
Foster Home Coordinator
Susie Schaffer
Home Check Coordinator
Debbie DuPont
Intake Coordinator (Owner Turn-Ins)
Rita Pikor
Intake Coordinator (Shelters)
Amanda Dytor
Medical Liaison
Amy DeCesare
Microchip Coordinator
Barry Levine
Newsletter Editor
Nancy Baumann
Rescue Operations Manager
Voicemail Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
Marie Cole
Cory Deppen

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